Our Astrologers …

Mr. Jivendra Pandey by profession is a lawyer in high court. He acquired his interest in astrology at a quite young age and since past 25 years he has studied and researched it thoroughly. Along with vedic astrology his expertise also extends to Numerology, Palmistry and Tantra-Mantra. Unlike typical Panditjis or Maharajjis, over the several years, he has critically evaluated the astrology for the accuracy and effectiveness of its remedies. Mr. Pandey takes each case seriously and studies it thoroughly before making any prediction. In the beginning usually he ask few questions to check if your horoscope is correct and correlates with the your life’s events. In this way you and him both are confident that horoscope prediction would be correct. Many astrologers out there wouldn’t even bother to verify the accuracy of horoscope. Mr. Pandey has hundreds of dedicated fan and followers who always consults him before taking major steps in their life and enjoying happiness and prosperity.

 Dr. G. Singh is retired veterinary surgeon. He started learning astrology 45 years ago as a hobby and developed unmatched expertise in this field. Uncountable times he has accurately predicted for thousands of people on numerous aspects of their life. As per him, astrology is a great tool that helps in taking right decisions at right time in  our life which is a key to success and prosperity. Astrology also prepares you to deal with the oncoming rough times in your life and tells you when it is going to be bad to worse and back to normal. Almost all the issues of life can be addressed through the vedic astrology and these issues can be resolved through astrological solution. Other astrologer may just indicate a oncoming problem in your life, but Dr. Singh can judge how intense it would be and how long it is going to dwell. You can ask him for an effective and alternate astrological solution that would suit you in your busy life style. Many astrologers wouldn’t dare to tell you about the possibility of oncoming extreme event that may devastate your life or a possibility of a life threatening event. However Dr. Singh sees that coming beforehand and would warn you and suggest you with the measures to avoid it. Many people can’t take advantage of astrology as they are not sure about the accuracy of birth details, in such cases Dr. Singh can prepare an accurate horoscope by reverse engineering based on events in your life.